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Rosehill College

Rosehill College is a co-educational state school located in the Auckland suburb of Rosehill in Papakura, New Zealand. The college was established on February 3, 1970, and is now the largest secondary school in the area. Located approximately 25 minutes south of Auckland CBD, on the southern edge of the Auckland metropolitan area, the college admits students residing on the western side of the Southern Auckland Railway Line in Papakura and caters the Rosehill, Pahurehure, and Opaheke area as well as students from surrounding rural areas Rosehill College offers a high quality education leading to New Zealand’s national qualifications, the internationally-recognised National Certificate of Educational Achievement (NCEA). In addition, the school offers a wide range of co-curricular activities in sport, music and performing arts. The school was officially opened by Mr. A Campbell, who was the mayor of Papakura at this time, and previously worked as Principal of nearby Papakura High School. When the school opened in 1970 the population consisted of only 180 students, and 9 teachers. As the Papakura area was overtaken by Auckland’s urban sprawl the school’s roll increased exponentially to its current enrolment of 1822 students and 113 teachers.


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